Viking Buffalo Drinking Horn – Its Various Aspects And Uses

Posted by Admin on January, 17, 2023

You’ve probably seen Viking buffalo drinking horn on television or in media promotions, speculating if they’re authentic or just a cool bit of art in the media. While they are spotless things to see around, they aren’t just some made-up art piece but rather a historical and ethnically significant chalice. The Viking drinking horn carries a long past and weaves through many customs still thriving and well. Beyond being an appealingly beautiful piece to drink mead from, Viking Buffalo drinking horns have a mesmerizing story that represents the Nordic gods to rites of passage.

How Viking buffalo drinking horns are made

For a buffalo, cow or ox horn to become a drinking horn, it first needs its internal core detached. This is done by boiling or soaking the whole horn and then rasping out the softened marrow.

Once the core has been detached from the horn, it’s then unstiffened again using heat, and pressed to form its desired shape. In the case of the Game of Thrones Tankard, a tail or tongue form is left when the cup is cut from the horn so it can be heated again and set down into a handle.

In the case of the Viking buffalo drinking horn, the animal horn is left in its natural shape and doesn’t need to be heat-treated.

After the horn is shaped, it’s coated in a particularly formulated food-safe water-based coating and polished to a mighty sheen. Lastly, it’s fitted with metal details or carved with etchings, reliant on the design. The last (optional) step is to personalise the drinking horn with an etching.

Methods to use to make Viking buffalo drinking horn

The procedure of splitting a raw horn and irresistible it to fit a design can be done with either a “hot” or “cold” method.

Cold Method – If the Horner tactics use the natural shape of the horn without casting it, the horn doesn’t need to be heat-treated. A skilful hand can see a horn and finish it off with lovely designs using files, rasps, lathes, or any other woodworking tool.

Hot Method – In the hot method, the horn is heated until it develops flexibility. This is where a true artist is required. Each horn has a dissimilar melting point. If the horn overdose at that point, it will likely become useless. An accomplished craftsman uses careful judgement throughout the process to define the best temperature for working each specific horn. There are numerous methods of heating horns ranging from boiling to dry baking.

From where you can get your Viking buffalo drinking horn

Well, you don’t have to go digging through a museum or settle for a plastic knock-off. If you’re going to drink mead and celebrate Scandinavian culture, why not go the full mile and drink from an actual Viking drinking horn? Since the craft is authentic mead, true to its ancestry and history, we also pay homage to the Viking drinking horn. Made from real ox horn and can fit up to one point, it’s an impeccable addition to anyone who loves Viking culture. It can be easily available through online stores specific antique stores also selling it.

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